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Snowflake Software is acquired by Cirium

Snowflake Software has signed an agreement to become part of Cirium, the expanding aviation analytics group in a move which will be a big win for the industry as we move towards building the 360-degree view of a flight.

Regulation Data

The tool below enables you to explore the Regulation Data APIs by building queries and viewing live data. Along with your user key, fill in the parameters for the desired API and click 'Try it out!'. If you don't have a user key, Sign Up here for an account.

Access to the APIs listed on this page cannot be granted until an approval process has been completed. Please head to this page to request access.

The APIs listed on this page have data for Europe Only.

Visit us on GitHub Visit our GitHub Repository for a complete list of schemas used to serve the XML data found on the Laminar Data APIs.

Check out the Laminar Data UML model for a full breakdown of how the Laminar API is structured and how individual elements relate to one another.