What is the difference between the Laminar Data Hub and other Cirium APIs?

Cirium offers two API platforms in addition to the Laminar Data Hub, all three include free trials and complete documentation.
FlightStats APIs - These include flight status, tracking, schedules and alert services for a wide range of travel applications.
Trips and Waivers - Travel monitoring and alerting platform centered around traveler itineraries.
All APIs are part of the Cirium Sky family which include APIs, data warehousing and live positional feeds.

What data is available on the Laminar Data Hub through the Hub API?

Currently we have global coverage of the following data: Flight Positions, Flight Plans, NOTAMs, METARs, TAFs, Aerodromes and Fuel Emissions, plus harmonized and value-added European coverage of Sectors, Routes, NAVAIDs and Designated Points. If there is something you need that we don’t have, please do contact us.

How will I know when a new data source is made available?

We’re constantly adding new data sets and whenever we add a new one you’ll see it on the Cirium Developer Studio.

How reliable is the data? What is the data quality?

We make every reasonable commercial effort to assure the quality of the data coming into the Laminar Data platform. Our Data Validator checks both data in through the Data Connector and data out through the API. See more information on Cirium Data Quality.

Is there a Dev kit, how do I use it?

We love using javascript frameworks like Leaflet and Openlayers for browser-based apps. Client systems can use standard software development frameworks.

How long do you offer evaluation periods for?

We offer a 14 day trial of the Laminar Data Hub Service to new users. Trial limited to 5,000 hits per day for the duration of the trial period. In order to keep using the service beyond the trial period, and find out our pricing bands, please contact us.

Where is the best place for me to start developing?

Head over to https://developer.laminardata.aero and log in, then you can use our ActiveDocs to try out the API and review the responses.

How do I raise a bug or ask a question?

Log into your dashboard at https://developer.laminardata.aero and send us a message. Alternatively you can send an email to helpdesk@cirium.com.

What standard support is available and how reliable is the service?

The APIs are available 99.9% of the time and standard support is available 24/7 worldwide. Contact us via helpdesk@cirium.com if you need specific SLA terms for your project.

How do I see my service usage?

If you are a subscriber of Laminar Data then you can log in and review your API usage over time using your dashboard at https://developer.laminardata.aero.

What is your policy on handling reported data errors?

Data errors trapped by our Data Validators do not get loaded into the system. Contact the support team via the dashboard at https://developer.laminardata.aero, send us an email at helpdesk@cirium.com.