Flight Data

The tool below enables you to explore the Flight Data APIs by building HTTP REST queries and viewing live data. Along with your user key, fill in the parameters for the desired API and click 'Try it out!'. If you don't have a user key, Sign Up here for an account.

All of the flight data derived from the APIs listed on this page is also available via dedicated AMQP data stream.

The APIs listed on this page have Global data coverage.

Access to the Flights by GUFI API cannot be granted until an approval process has been completed. Please head to this page to request access.

Responses for Flight Data by default use XML with an extended version of the FIXM 3.0.1 schema

The Flights by Tile, Flight Detail by GUFI & Flight Delay APIs have a GeoJSON response option available. To request GeoJSON use the HTTP header "Accept : application/json" in the tool below or add the query string "format=json" to the request URL.

Check out the Cirium Laminar Data UML model for a full breakdown of how the Cirium Laminar API is structured and how individual elements relate to one another.


Further explanation for the Flights by Airline and Status request

For the Flights by Airline and Status request, the status of a flight can be either scheduled, filed, airborne, completed, or cancelled. The status transitions are defined by a set of rules as shown in the diagram below.

Status Transition Diagram

Further explanation for the Flights by Tile request

For the Flights by Tile request, the world has been divided into 64 tiles. Each tile only contains flight position data pertaining to that geographic region. The image below shows the tiles. The left and right number on each tile refers to the x and y axes respectively. The flights by tile response only returns currently airborne flights.

Tiles Diagram