Detailed Airport Map Data

Here you can find over 600 high specification airport maps powered by AeroNavData, Airport Map Data can be purchased as individual aerodromes or in multiples (volume discounts available) in the most current industry Airport Mapping Standards (compliant with RTCA DO-272 / ED-99 standards), delivered in AIXM 5.1 or GeoJSON format. Click here to download a complete list of the available Airport Map Data.

Airports can be purchased for a one off fee giving unlimited access to purchased high resolution Airport Map Data via the Laminar Data API. Maps are delivered in AIXM 5.1 format XML, or can be provided in JSON format on request. We also offer a subscription model for all of our available aerodromes, which allows users to receive all updates for the purchased aerodrome(s) for a year. This means you’ll be notified of any changes to the aerodrome data set every AIRAC cycle. This service is charged as an additional 20% on top of the baseline aerodrome cost per year.

If you are unsure of how our Airport Map Data can benefit your organization, please contact us to discuss your data needs. Click here to download the detailed data specification.

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Sample airports are available to view using the links below:

Southampton International Airport (EGHI) XML

Minot International Airport (KMOT) XML

Use the search box below to check if the airport you wish to purchase is available. When you are ready, enter the ICAO codes of your chosen airports in the "Airport Choices" field below.

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Our team will add the selected airports to your API key so that you can access the data, and your credit card will be charged. We will send you details on how to access the airport data along with a purchase invoice.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

Airport Name ICAO Code Price (USD)
Grand Canyon West (Peach Springs, AZ) 1G4 400
Greene County Rgnl (Greensboro, GA) 3J7 400
Saratoga County (Saratoga Springs, NY) 5B2 400
Throckmorton Muni (Throckmorton, TX) 72F 400
Reykjavik (Reykjavik) BIRK 600
Antwerp Int'l (Antwerp / Deurne) EBAW 400
Brussels (Brussels) EBBR 3000
Brussels South Charleroi (Charleroi) EBCI 700
Kortrijk-Wevelgem Int'l EBKT 600
Liege (Liege) EBLG 1800
Ostend-Bruges Int'l (Ostend) EBOS 400
Berlin (Berlin) EDDB 2100
Dresden Klotzsche (Dresden) EDDC 500
Frankfurt Int'l (Frankfurt am Main) EDDF 3000
Munster Osnabruck Int'l (Greven) EDDG 400
Hamburg (Hamburg) EDDH 1400
Cologne Bonn (Cologne/Bonn) EDDK 1800
Dusseldorf Int'l (Dusseldorf) EDDL 1700
Munich Int'l (Munich) EDDM 2200
Nuremberg (Nuremberg) EDDN 600
Leipzig/Halle (Leipzig/Halle) EDDP 2200
Tegel Int'l (Berlin) EDDT 1000
Hanover/Langenhagen Int'l (Hanover) EDDV 900
Bremen (Bremen) EDDW 500
Frankfurt-Hahn (Kirchberg, Rhineland-Palatinate) EDFH 1000
Paderborn Lippstadt (Paderborn / Lippstadt) EDLP 400
Weeze (Weeze) EDLV 400
Dortmund (Dortmund) EDLW 400
Bodensee (Friedrichshafen) EDNY 400
Baden Airpark (Baden) EDSB 600
Belfast Int'l (Belfast, Northern Ireland) EGAA 800
George Best Belfast City (Belfast, Northern Ireland) EGAC 400
City of Derry (Derry, Northern Ireland) EGAE 400
Birmingham Int'l (Birmingham, England) EGBB 800
Manchester (Manchester, England) EGCC 2100
Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield (South Yorkshire, England) EGCN 400
Aberporth (Cardigan, Wales) EGFA 400
Cardiff Int'l (Cardiff, Wales) EGFF 400
Bristol Int'l (Bristol, England) EGGD 400
Liverpool John Lennon (Liverpool, England) EGGP 400
London Luton (London, England) EGGW 400
Bournemouth (Bournemouth, England) EGHH 700
Southampton (Southampton, England) EGHI 400
Newquay Cornwall (St Mawgan (Cornwall), England) EGHQ 600
Alderney (Alderney, Channel Islands) EGJA 400
Guernsey (Guernsey, Channel Islands) EGJB 400
Jersey (Jersey, Channel Islands) EGJJ 400
London Biggin Hill (London, England) EGKB 400
London Gatwick (London, England) EGKK 2200
London City (London, England) EGLC 400
Farnborough Airfield (Farnborough, England) EGLF 400
London Heathrow (London, England) EGLL 2700
London Southend (Southend) EGMC 400
Humberside (Kingston upon Hull, England) EGNJ 500
Leeds Bradford Int'l (West Yorkshire, England) EGNM 400
Hawarden (Flintshire, Wales) EGNR 400
Isle of Man (Isle of Man) EGNS 500
Newcastle (Newcastle upon Tyne, England) EGNT 400
Durham Tees Valley (Tees Valley, England) EGNV 400
East Midlands (East Midlands, England) EGNX 900
Kirkwall (Kirkwall, Scotland) EGPA 400
Sumburgh (Shetland Islands, Scotland) EGPB 400
Aberdeen (Aberdeen, Scotland) EGPD 700
Inverness (Inverness, Scotland) EGPE 400
Glasgow Int'l (Glasgow, Scotland) EGPF 600
Edinburgh (Edinburgh, Scotland) EGPH 700
Glasgow Prestwick Int'l (Glasgow, Scotland) EGPK 500
Scatsta (Lerwick, Scotland) EGPM 400
Stornoway (Stornoway, Scotland) EGPO 400
Norwich Int'l (Norwich, England) EGSH 400
London Stansted (London, England) EGSS 1800
Exeter Int'l (Exeter, England) EGTE 400
Oxford (Oxford, England) EGTK 400
Amsterdam Schiphol (Amsterdam) EHAM 3000
Maastricht Aachen (Maastricht) EHBK 400
Eindhoven (Eindhoven) EHEH 400
Lelystad (Lelystad) EHLE 400
Rotterdam (Rotterdam) EHRD 400
Enschede Twente (Enschede) EHTW 400
Cork Int'l (Cork) EICK 400
Dublin Int'l (Dublin) EIDW 1600
Knock Int'l (Knock, County Mayo) EIKN 400
Kerry (Farranfore) (Farranfore, County Kerry) EIKY 400
Shannon (Shannon, County Clare) EINN 600
Billund (Billund) EKBI 600
Copenhagen (Copenhagen) EKCH 2800
Aalborg (Aalborg) EKYT 1000
Luxembourg Int'l (Luxembourg) ELLX 800
Colonel James Jabara (Wichita, KS) KAAO 400
Lehigh Valley Intl (Allentown, PA) KABE 400
Abilene Rgnl (Abilene, TX) KABI 400
Albuquerque Intl Sunport (Albuquerque, NM) KABQ 500
Aberdeen Rgnl (Aberdeen, SD) KABR 400
Southwest Georgia Rgnl (Albany, GA) KABY 400
Nantucket Memorial (Nantucket, MA) KACK 400
Waco Rgnl (Waco, TX) KACT 400
California Redwood Coast-Humboldt County (Arcata/Eureka, CA) KACV 400
Atlantic City Intl (Atlantic City, NJ) KACY 400
Addison (Dallas, TX) KADS 400
Joint Base Andrews (Camp Springs, MD) KADW 400
Alexandria Intl (Alexandria, LA) KAEX 400
Fort Worth Alliance (Fort Worth, TX) KAFW 400
Allegheny County (Pittsburgh, PA) KAGC 400
Augusta Regional (Augusta, GA) KAGS 400
Athens/Ben Epps (Athens, GA) KAHN 400
Aiken Muni (Aiken, SC) KAIK 400
Albany Intl (Albany, NY) KALB 400
St Louis Rgnl (Alton/St Louis, IL) KALN 400
Waterloo Rgnl (Waterloo, IA) KALO 400
Walla Walla Rgnl (Walla Walla, WA) KALW 400
Amarillo Intl (Amarillo, TX) KAMA 400
Anoka Co-Blaine (Minneapolis, MN) KANE 1900
Centennial (Denver, CO) KAPA 400
Napa County (Napa, CA) KAPC 400
Naples Muni (Naples, FL) KAPF 400
Aurora Muni (Chicago/Aurora, IL) KARR 400
Watertown Intl (Watertown, NY) KART 400
Aspen-Pitkin County (Aspen, CO) KASE 400
Boire Field (Nashua, NH) KASH 400
Warsaw Muni (Warsaw, IN) KASW 400
Hartsfield-Jackson Intl (Atlanta, GA) KATL 1300
Appleton Intl (Appleton, WI) KATW 400
Aurora Municipal (Aurora, NE) KAUH 400
Austin-Bergstrom Intl (Austin, TX) KAUS 400
Asheville Rgnl (Asheville, NC) KAVL 400
Scranton Intl (Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA) KAVP 400
Marana Rgnl (Marana, AZ) KAVQ 400
Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Intl (Kalamazoo, MI) KAZO 400
Beale Afb (Marysville, CA) KBAB 400
Barksdale Afb (Bossier City, LA) KBAD 400
Westfield-Barnes Rgnl (Westfield/Springfield, MA) KBAF 400
Columbus Muni (Columbus, IN) KBAK 400
Boca Raton (Boca Raton, FL) KBCT 400
Bradley Intl (Windsor Locks, CT) KBDL 400
Igor I Sikorsky Memorial (Bridgeport, CT) KBDR 400
Laurence G Hanscom Fld (Bedford, MA) KBED 400
Southwest Michigan Rgnl (Benton Harbor, MI) KBEH 400
Boeing Field Intl (Seattle, WA) KBFI 400
Meadows Field (Bakersfield, CA) KBFL 400
Binghamton (Binghamton, NY) KBGM 400
Bangor Intl (Bangor, ME) KBGR 400
Hancock County-Bar Harbor (Bar Harbor, ME) KBHB 400
Birmingham-Shuttlesworth Intl (Birmingham, AL) KBHM 400
Block Island State (Block Island, RI) KBID 400
Biggs Aaf (Fort Bliss) (Fort Bliss/El Paso/, TX) KBIF 400
Billings Logan Intl (Billings, MT) KBIL 400
Bismarck Muni (Bismarck, ND) KBIS 400
West Michigan Rgnl (Holland, MI) KBIV 400
Keesler Afb (Biloxi, MS) KBIX 400
Rocky Mtn Metropolitan (Denver, CO) KBJC 400
Bemidji Rgnl (Bemidji, MN) KBJI 400
Buckley Afb (Aurora, CO) KBKF 400
Burke Lakefront (Cleveland, OH) KBKL 400
Brooks County (Falfurrias, TX) KBKS 400
Raleigh County Memorial (Beckley, WV) KBKW 400
Bellingham Intl (Bellingham, WA) KBLI 400
Monmouth Executive (Belmar/Farmingdale, NJ) KBLM 400
Scott Afb/Midamerica (Belleville, IL) KBLV 400
Monroe County (Bloomington, IN) KBMG 400
Cent II Rgnl (Bloomington/Normal, IL) KBMI 400
Nashville Intl (Nashville, TN) KBNA 500
Gowen Field (Boise, ID) KBOI 400
Boston Logan Intl (Boston, MA) KBOS 400
Jack Brooks Rgnl (Beaumont/Port Arthur, TX) KBPT 400
Brunswick Golden Isles (Brunswick, GA) KBQK 400
Brainerd Lakes Rgnl (Brainerd, MN) KBRD 400
Brownsville Intl (Brownsville, TX) KBRO 400
W K Kellogg (Battle Creek, MI) KBTL 400
Bert Mooney (Butte, MT) KBTM 400
Baton Rouge Metro (Baton Rouge, LA) KBTR 400
Burlington Intl (Burlington, VT) KBTV 400
Buffalo Niagara Intl (Buffalo, NY) KBUF 400
Bob Hope (Burbank, CA) KBUR 400
Burlington-Alamance Rgnl (Burlington, NC) KBUY 400
Boulder City Muni (Boulder City, NV) KBVU 400
Beverly Rgnl (Beverly, MA) KBVY 400
Baltimore/Washington Intl (Baltimore, MD) KBWI 400
Bozeman Yellowstone Intl (Bozeman, MT) KBZN 400
Columbia Metropolitan (Columbia, SC) KCAE 400
Akron-Canton Rgnl (Akron, OH) KCAK 400
Buchanan Field (Concord, CA) KCCR 400
Cedar City Rgnl (Cedar City, UT) KCDC 400
Westover Arb/Metropolitan (Springfield/Chicopee, MA) KCEF 400
Cuyahoga County (Cleveland, OH) KCGF 400
Lovell Field (Chattanooga, TN) KCHA 400
Charlottesville-Albemarle (Charlottesville, VA) KCHO 400
Charleston Intl/AFB (Charleston, SC) KCHS 400
The Eastern Iowa (Cedar Rapids, IA) KCID 400
Chippewa County Intl (Sault Ste Marie, MI) KCIU 400
North Central West Virginia (Clarksburg, WV) KCKB 400
Cleveland-Hopkins Intl (Cleveland, OH) KCLE 400
Easterwood Field (College Station, TX) KCLL 400
Charlotte/Douglas Intl (Charlotte, NC) KCLT 900
Camarillo (Camarillo, CA) KCMA 400
John Glenn Columbus Intl (Columbus, OH) KCMH 400
Univ of IL - Willard (Champaign/Urbana, IL) KCMI 400
Houghton County Memorial (Hancock, MI) KCMX 400
Chino (Chino, CA) KCNO 400
Yellowstone Rgnl (Cody, WY) KCOD 400
Coeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field (Coeur D'Alene, ID) KCOE 500
Colorado Sprgs Muni (Colorado Springs, CO) KCOS 400
Columbia Rgnl (Columbia, MO) KCOU 400
Casper/Natrona County Intl (Casper, WY) KCPR 400
St Louis Downtown (Cahokia/St Louis, IL) KCPS 400
Corpus Christi Intl (Corpus Christi, TX) KCRP 400
Mc Clellan-Palomar (Carlsbad, CA) KCRQ 400
Yeager (Charleston, WV) KCRW 400
Columbus (Columbus, GA) KCSG 400
Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International (Covington, KY) KCVG 700
Charlevoix Muni (Charlevoix, MI) KCVX 400
Central Wisconsin (Mosinee, WI) KCWA 400
Chennault Intl (Lake Charles, LA) KCWF 400
Conroe-North Houston Rgnl (Houston, TX) KCXO 400
Capital City (Harrisburg, PA) KCXY 400
Cheyenne Rgnl (Cheyenne, WY) KCYS 400
Daytona Beach Intl (Daytona Beach, FL) KDAB 400
Dallas Love Field (Dallas, TX) KDAL 500
James M Cox Dayton Intl (Dayton, OH) KDAY 400
Dubuque Rgnl (Dubuque, IA) KDBQ 400
Reagan National (Washington, DC) KDCA 400
Denver Intl (Denver, CO) KDEN 1100
Coleman a Young Muni (Detroit, MI) KDET 400
Dallas-Fort Worth Intl (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX) KDFW 2700
Dothan Rgnl (Dothan, AL) KDHN 400
Driggs-Reed Memorial (Driggs, ID) KDIJ 400
Roosevelt Rgnl (Dickinson, ND) KDIK 400
Duluth Intl (Duluth, MN) KDLH 400
Davis Monthan Afb (Tucson, AZ) KDMA 400
Carroll Co Rgnl (Westminster, MD) KDMW 400
Dona Ana County Intl Jetport (Santa Teresa, NM) KDNA 400
Dover Afb (Dover, DE) KDOV 400
Dupage (Chicago/West Chicago, IL) KDPA 400
Durango-La Plata County (Durango, CO) KDRO 400
Denton Enterprise (Denton, TX) KDTO 400
Destin Executive (Destin, FL) KDTS 400
Detroit Metro Wayne Co (Detroit, MI) KDTW 1100
Phoenix Deer Valley (Phoenix, AZ) KDVT 400
Hooks Mem (Houston, TX) KDWH 400
Pangborn Memorial (Wenatchee, WA) KEAT 400
Chippewa Valley Rgnl (Eau Claire, WI) KEAU 400
Elizabeth City Rgnl (Elizabeth City, NC) KECG 400
Northwest Florida Beaches Intl (Panama City, FL) KECP 400
Austin Executive (Austin, TX) KEDC 400
Edwards Afb (Edwards, CA) KEDW 400
Dillant-Hopkins (Keene, NH) KEEN 400
Ellington (Houston, TX) KEFD 400
Eagle County Rgnl (Eagle, CO) KEGE 400
Elko Rgnl (Elko, NV) KEKO 400
S Arkansas Regional (El Dorado, AR) KELD 400
Elmira/Corning Rgnl (Elmira/Corning, NY) KELM 400
El Paso Intl (El Paso, TX) KELP 400
Wendover (Wendover, UT) KENV 400
Kenosha Rgnl (Kenosha, WI) KENW 400
Charlotte-Monroe Executive (Monroe, NC) KEQY 400
Erie Intl/Tom Ridge Field (Erie, PA) KERI 400
Kerrville Muni (Kerrville, TX) KERV 400
Delta County (Escanaba, MI) KESC 400
Easton/Newnam Field (Easton, MD) KESN 400
Mahlon Sweet Field (Eugene, OR) KEUG 500
Evansville Rgnl (Evansville, IN) KEVV 400
New Bedford Rgnl (New Bedford, MA) KEWB 400
Coastal Carolina Regional (New Bern, NC) KEWN 400
Newark Liberty Intl (Newark, NJ) KEWR 800
Key West Intl (Key West, FL) KEYW 400
Hector Intl (Fargo, ND) KFAR 400
Fresno Yosemite Intl (Fresno, CA) KFAT 400
Fayetteville Rgnl (Fayetteville, NC) KFAY 400
Flying Cloud (Minneapolis, MN) KFCM 400
Frederick Muni (Frederick, MD) KFDK 400
Findlay (Findlay, OH) KFDY 400
Falcon Field (Atlanta, GA) KFFC 400
Wright-Patterson Afb (Dayton, OH) KFFO 400
Fernandina Beach Muni (Fernandina Beach, FL) KFHB 400
Friday Harbor (Friday Harbor, WA) KFHR 400
Fond Du Lac County (Fond Du Lac, WI) KFLD 400
Flagstaff Pulliam (Flagstaff, AZ) KFLG 400
Fort Lauderdale Intl (Fort Lauderdale, FL) KFLL 400
Florence Rgnl (Florence, SC) KFLO 400
Page Field (Fort Myers, FL) KFMY 400
Ft Collins-Loveland Regional (Fort Collins/Loveland, CO) KFNL 400
Bishop Intl (Flint, MI) KFNT 400
Topeka Rgnl (Topeka, KS) KFOE 400
Francis S Gabreski (Westhampton Beach, NY) KFOK 400
Treasure Coast Intl (Fort Pierce, FL) KFPR 400
Republic (Farmingdale, NY) KFRG 400
Joe Foss Field (Sioux Falls, SD) KFSD 400
Fort Smith Rgnl (Fort Smith, AR) KFSM 400
Fort Worth Meacham Intl (Fort Worth, TX) KFTW 400
Fulton County (Atlanta, GA) KFTY 400
Fort Wayne Intl (Fort Wayne, IN) KFWA 400
Fort Lauderdale Executive (Fort Lauderdale, FL) KFXE 500
Drake Field (Fayetteville, AR) KFYV 400
Gillette-Campbell County (Gillette, WY) KGCC 400
Garden City Rgnl (Garden City, KS) KGCK 400
Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon, AZ) KGCN 400
Spokane Intl (Spokane, WA) KGEG 400
Grand Forks Intl (Grand Forks, ND) KGFK 400
Floyd Bennett Memorial (Glens Falls, NY) KGFL 400
East Texas Rgnl (Longview, TX) KGGG 400
Grand Junction Regional (Grand Junction, CO) KGJT 400
Arlington Muni (Arlington, TX) KGKY 400
Greenville Downtown (Greenville, SC) KGMU 400
Gainesville Rgnl (Gainesville, FL) KGNV 400
Groton-New London (Groton (New London), CT) KGON 400
Glacier Park Intl (Kalispell, MT) KGPI 400
Gulfport-Biloxi Intl (Gulfport, MS) KGPT 400
Green Bay-Austin Straubel Intl (Green Bay, WI) KGRB 400
Central Nebraska Rgnl (Grand Island, NE) KGRI 400
Robert Gray Aaf (Fort Hood/Killeen, TX) KGRK 400
Gerald R Ford Intl (Grand Rapids, MI) KGRR 400
Piedmont Triad Intl (Greensboro, NC) KGSO 400
Greenville/Spartanburg Intl (Greer, SC) KGSP 400
Wheeler-Sack Aaf (Fort Drum, NY) KGTB 400
Great Falls Intl (Great Falls, MT) KGTF 400
Golden Triangle Rgnl (Columbus/W Point/Starkville, MS) KGTR 400
Gunnison Regional (Gunnison, CO) KGUC 400
Lee Gilmer Memorial (Gainesville, GA) KGVL 400
Greeley-Weld County (Greeley, CO) KGXY 400
Phoenix Goodyear (Goodyear, AZ) KGYR 400
Gary/Chicago Intl (Gary, IN) KGYY 400
Butler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field (Hamilton, OH) KHAO 400
Heber City Muni - Russ Mcdonald Field (Heber, UT) KHCR 400
Hammond Northshore Rgnl (Hammond, LA) KHDC 400
Yampa Valley (Hayden, CO) KHDN 400
Manassas Rgnl (Washington, DC) KHEF 400
Hagerstown Rgnl (Hagerstown, MD) KHGR 400
Range Rgnl (Hibbing, MN) KHIB 400
Hill Afb (Ogden, UT) KHIF 400
Portland-Hillsboro (Portland, OR) KHIO 400
Hawkins Field (Jackson, MS) KHKS 400
Hickory Rgnl (Hickory, NC) KHKY 400
Helena Rgnl (Helena, MT) KHLN 400
Huntingburg (Huntingburg, IN) KHNB 400
Henderson Executive (Las Vegas, NV) KHND 400
Lea County Rgnl (Hobbs, NM) KHOB 400
William P Hobby (Houston, TX) KHOU 500
Westchester County (White Plains, NY) KHPN 400
Thomson-Mcduffie County (Thomson, GA) KHQU 400
Valley Intl (Harlingen, TX) KHRL 400
Hurlburt Field (Mary Esther, FL) KHRT 400
Huntsville Intl (Huntsville, AL) KHSV 400
East Hampton (East Hampton, NY) KHTO 400
Ferguson Field (Huntington, WV) KHTS 400
Terre Haute Intl (Terre Haute, IN) KHUF 400
Hutchinson Rgnl (Hutchinson, KS) KHUT 400
Tweed-New Haven (New Haven, CT) KHVN 400
Hayward Executive (Hayward, CA) KHWD 400
Hilton Head (Hilton Head Island, SC) KHXD 400
Barnstable Muni (Hyannis, MA) KHYA 400
Washington Dulles Intl (Washington, DC) KIAD 600
Niagara Falls Intl (Niagara Falls, NY) KIAG 400
Houston Bush Int'ctl (Houston, TX) KIAH 1200
Wichita Eisenhower (Wichita, KS) KICT 500
Idaho Falls Rgnl (Idaho Falls, ID) KIDA 400
Independence Muni (Independence, KS) KIDP 400
Laughlin/Bullhead Intl (Bullhead City, AZ) KIFP 400
Ankeny Rgnl (Ankeny, IA) KIKV 400
New Castle (Wilmington, DE) KILG 400
Wilmington Intl (Wilmington, NC) KILM 400
Ford (Iron Mountain Kingsford, MI) KIMT 400
Indianapolis Intl (Indianapolis, IN) KIND 600
Falls Intl-Einarson Field (International Falls, MN) KINL 400
Creech Afb (Indian Springs, NV) KINS 400
Smith Reynolds (Winston Salem, NC) KINT 400
Williamsport Rgnl (Williamsport, PA) KIPT 400
Kissimmee Gateway (Orlando, FL) KISM 400
Sloulin Fld Intl (Williston, ND) KISN 400
Kinston Rgnl (Kinston, NC) KISO 400
Long Island MacArthur (Ronkonkoma, NY) KISP 400
Ithaca Tompkins Rgnl (Ithaca, NY) KITH 400
Phoenix-Mesa Gateway (Phoenix, AZ) KIWA 400
New Century Aircenter (Olathe, KS) KIXD 400
Jackson Hole (Jackson, WY) KJAC 400
Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers Intl (Jackson, MS) KJAN 400
Jacksonville Intl (Jacksonville, FL) KJAX 400
John F Kennedy Intl (New York, NY) KJFK 1200
Chautauqua County (Jamestown, NY) KJHW 400
Joplin Rgnl (Joplin, MO) KJLN 400
Concord Rgnl (Concord, NC) KJQF 400
John C Tune (Nashville, TN) KJWN 400
Leesburg Executive (Leesburg, VA) KJYO 400
Charleston Executive (Charleston, SC) KJZI 400
Purdue University (Lafayette, IN) KLAF 400
Lakeland Linder Rgnl (Lakeland, FL) KLAL 400
Capital Region Intl (Lansing, MI) KLAN 400
Laramie Rgnl (Laramie, WY) KLAR 400
McCarran Intl (Las Vegas, NV) KLAS 600
Lawton-Fort Sill Rgnl (Lawton, OK) KLAW 400
Los Angeles Intl (Los Angeles, CA) KLAX 1000
Lubbock Smith Intl (Lubbock, TX) KLBB 400
Arnold Palmer Rgnl (Latrobe, PA) KLBE 400
Texas Gulf Coast Rgnl (Angleton/Lake Jackson, TX) KLBX 400
Lake Charles Rgnl (Lake Charles, LA) KLCH 400
Laconia Muni (Laconia, NH) KLCI 400
Rickenbacker Intl (Columbus, OH) KLCK 400
Lebanon Muni (Lebanon, NH) KLEB 400
Blue Grass (Lexington, KY) KLEX 400
Langley Afb (Hampton, VA) KLFI 400
Lafayette Rgnl/Paul Fournet Field (Lafayette, LA) KLFT 400
LaGuardia (New York, NY) KLGA 400
Daugherty Field (Long Beach, CA) KLGB 400
Clinton National (Little Rock, AR) KLIT 400
Crater Lake-Klamath Rgnl (Klamath Falls, OR) KLMT 400
Lincoln (Lincoln, NE) KLNK 400
Lancaster (Lancaster, PA) KLNS 400
Lewis University (Chicago/Romeoville, IL) KLOT 400
Laredo Intl (Laredo, TX) KLRD 400
Little Rock Afb (Jacksonville, AR) KLRF 400
La Crosse Rgnl (La Crosse, WI) KLSE 400
Altus Afb (Altus, OK) KLTS 400
Cincinnati Muni (Cincinnati, OH) KLUK 400
Livermore Muni (Livermore, CA) KLVK 400
Greenbrier Valley (Lewisburg, WV) KLWB 400
Lawrence Muni (Lawrence, MA) KLWM 400
Lewiston-Nez Perce County (Lewiston, ID) KLWS 400
Lynchburg Rgnl (Lynchburg, VA) KLYH 400
Gwinnett County (Lawrenceville, GA) KLZU 400
Midland Intl Air and Space Port (Midland, TX) KMAF 400
MBS Intl (Saginaw, MI) KMBS 400
Mc Clellan Airfield (Sacramento, CA) KMCC 400
Macdill Afb (Tampa, FL) KMCF 400
Kansas City Intl (Kansas City, MO) KMCI 400
Orlando Intl (Orlando, FL) KMCO 600
Harrisburg Intl (Harrisburg, PA) KMDT 400
Chicago Midway Intl (Chicago, IL) KMDW 400
Key Field (Meridian, MS) KMEI 400
Memphis Intl (Memphis, TN) KMEM 900
Mc Allen Miller Intl (Mc Allen, TX) KMFE 400
Rogue Valley Intl (Medford, OR) KMFR 400
Montgomery Rgnl (Montgomery, AL) KMGM 400
Harbor Springs (Harbor Springs, MI) KMGN 400
Morgantown Muni (Morgantown, WV) KMGW 400
Manhattan Rgnl (Manhattan, KS) KMHK 400
Sacramento Mather (Sacramento, CA) KMHR 400
Manchester (Manchester, NH) KMHT 400
Miami Intl (Miami, FL) KMIA 600
Marshalltown Muni (Marshalltown, IA) KMIW 400
Wheeler Downtown (Kansas City, MO) KMKC 400
General Mitchell Intl (Milwaukee, WI) KMKE 600
Muskegon County (Muskegon, MI) KMKG 400
Mc Kellar-Sipes Rgnl (Jackson, TN) KMKL 400
Marco Island (Marco Island, FL) KMKY 400
Melbourne Intl (Melbourne, FL) KMLB 700
Quad City Intl (Moline, IL) KMLI 400
Monroe Rgnl (Monroe, LA) KMLU 400
Mammoth Yosemite (Mammoth Lakes, CA) KMMH 400
Morristown Muni (Morristown, NJ) KMMU 400
Mobile Rgnl (Mobile, AL) KMOB 400
Minot Intl (Minot, ND) KMOT 400
Chester County G O Carlson (Coatesville, PA) KMQS 400
Smyrna (Smyrna, TN) KMQY 400
Monterey Rgnl (Monterey, CA) KMRY 400
Northwest Alabama Rgnl (Muscle Shoals, AL) KMSL 400
Dane Co Rgnl (Madison, WI) KMSN 400
Missoula Intl (Missoula, MT) KMSO 400
Minneapolis/St Paul Intl (Minneapolis, MN) KMSP 1000
Sullivan County Intl (Monticello, NY) KMSV 400
New Orleans Intl (New Orleans, LA) KMSY 400
The Florida Keys Marathon Intl (Marathon, FL) KMTH 400
Montrose Rgnl (Montrose, CO) KMTJ 400
Martin State (Baltimore, MD) KMTN 400
Martha's Vineyard (Vineyard Haven, MA) KMVY 400
Myrtle Beach Intl (Myrtle Beach, SC) KMYR 400
Lakefront (New Orleans, LA) KNEW 400
Norfolk Ns (Chambers Fld) (Norfolk, VA) KNGU 400
Patuxent River (Patuxent River, MD) KNHK 400
Millington Rgnl Jetport (Millington, TN) KNQA 400
Yuma Intl (Yuma, AZ) KNYL 600
Albert J Ellis (Jacksonville, NC) KOAJ 400
Metropolitan Oakland Intl (Oakland, CA) KOAK 400
Ocala Intl (Ocala, FL) KOCF 400
Ogden-Hinckley (Ogden, UT) KOGD 400
Will Rogers World (Oklahoma City, OK) KOKC 400
Eppley Airfield (Omaha, NE) KOMA 400
Ontario Intl (Ontario, CA) KONT 400
Opa-locka Executive (Miami, FL) KOPF 400
Quonset State (North Kingstown, RI) KOQU 400
Chicago O'Hare Intl (Chicago, IL) KORD 3000
Norfolk Intl (Norfolk, VA) KORF 400
Worcester Rgnl (Worcester, MA) KORH 400
Executive (Orlando, FL) KORL 400
Wittman Rgnl (Oshkosh, WI) KOSH 900
Ohio State University (Columbus, OH) KOSU 400
Southwest Oregon Rgnl (North Bend, OR) KOTH 400
Owensboro-Daviess County Rgnl (Owensboro, KY) KOWB 400
Waterbury-Oxford (Oxford, CT) KOXC 400
Oxnard (Oxnard, CA) KOXR 400
Snohomish County (Everett, WA) KPAE 600
Barkley Rgnl (Paducah, KY) KPAH 400
Plattsburgh Intl (Plattsburgh, NY) KPBG 400
Palm Beach Intl (West Palm Beach, FL) KPBI 400
Dekalb-Peachtree (Atlanta, GA) KPDK 400
Portland Intl (Portland, OR) KPDX 400
Page Muni (Page, AZ) KPGA 400
Punta Gorda (Punta Gorda, FL) KPGD 400
Pitt-Greenville (Greenville, NC) KPGV 400
Williamsburg Intl (Newport News, VA) KPHF 400
Philadelphia Intl (Philadelphia, PA) KPHL 600
Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl (Phoenix, AZ) KPHX 700
General Downing - Peoria Intl (Peoria, IL) KPIA 400
Hattiesburg/Laurel Rgnl (Hattiesburg-Laurel, MS) KPIB 400
Pocatello Rgnl (Pocatello, ID) KPIH 400
Pittsburgh Intl (Pittsburgh, PA) KPIT 500
Mid-Ohio Valley Rgnl (Parkersburg, WV) KPKB 400
Park Rapids Muni (Park Rapids, MN) KPKD 400
Pellston Rgnl (Pellston, MI) KPLN 400
Ralph Wenz Field (Pinedale, WY) KPNA 400
Northeast Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA) KPNE 400
Pensacola Intl (Pensacola, FL) KPNS 400
N Maine (Presque Isle, ME) KPQI 400
Trent Lott Intl (Pascagoula, MS) KPQL 400
Tri-Cities (Pasco, WA) KPSC 400
Pittsfield Muni (Pittsfield, MA) KPSF 400
Portsmouth Intl At Pease (Portsmouth, NH) KPSM 400
Palm Springs Intl (Palm Springs, CA) KPSP 400
Oakland County Intl (Pontiac, MI) KPTK 600
Pueblo Memorial (Pueblo, CO) KPUB 400
Pullman/Moscow Rgnl (Pullman/Moscow, WA) KPUW 400
Green State (Providence, RI) KPVD 400
Provo Muni (Provo, UT) KPVU 400
Wiley Post (Oklahoma City, OK) KPWA 400
Chicago Executive (Chicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, IL) KPWK 400
Portland Intl Jetport (Portland, ME) KPWM 400
Batten Intl (Racine, WI) KRAC 400
Rapid City Rgnl (Rapid City, SD) KRAP 400
Lowcountry Rgnl (Walterboro, SC) KRBW 400
Ellsworth Afb (Rapid City, SD) KRCA 400
Redding Muni (Redding, CA) KRDD 400
Reading Rgnl (Reading, PA) KRDG 400
Roberts Field (Redmond, OR) KRDM 400
Grand Forks Afb (Grand Forks, ND) KRDR 400
Raleigh-Durham Intl (Raleigh/Durham, NC) KRDU 400
Chicago/Rockford Intl (Chicago/Rockford, IL) KRFD 400
Red Wing Rgnl (Red Wing, MN) KRGK 400
Rhinelander-Oneida County (Rhinelander, WI) KRHI 400
Richmond Intl (Richmond, VA) KRIC 400
Rifle Garfield County (Rifle, CO) KRIL 400
March Arb (Riverside, CA) KRIV 400
Riverton Rgnl (Riverton, WY) KRIW 400
Knox County Rgnl (Rockland, ME) KRKD 400
Sweetwater Co (Rock Springs, WY) KRKS 400
Griffiss Intl (Rome, NY) KRME 400
Reno/Tahoe Intl (Reno, NV) KRNO 400
Roanoke Rgnl (Roanoke, VA) KROA 400
Greater Rochester Intl (Rochester, NY) KROC 400
Rogers Executive - Carter Field (Rogers, AR) KROG 400
Roswell Intl Air Center (Roswell, NM) KROW 400
Rochester Intl (Rochester, MN) KRST 400
Southwest Florida Intl (Fort Myers, FL) KRSW 400
Mid-Carolina Rgnl (Salisbury, NC) KRUQ 400
Rutland - Southern Vermont Rgnl (Rutland, VT) KRUT 400
Cobb County International (Atlanta, GA) KRYY 400
Sacramento Executive (Sacramento, CA) KSAC 400
Santa Fe Muni (Santa Fe, NM) KSAF 400
San Diego Intl (San Diego, CA) KSAN 400
San Antonio Intl (San Antonio, TX) KSAT 600
Savannah/Hilton Head Intl (Savannah, GA) KSAV 400
Sawyer Intl (Marquette, MI) KSAW 400
Santa Barbara Muni (Santa Barbara, CA) KSBA 400
Sheboygan County Memorial (Sheboygan, WI) KSBM 400
South Bend Intl (South Bend, IN) KSBN 400
San Luis County Rgnl (San Luis Obispo, CA) KSBP 400
Salisbury Rgnl (Salisbury, MD) KSBY 400
Stockton Metropolitan (Stockton, CA) KSCK 400
Louisville Intl (Louisville, KY) KSDF 500
Scottsdale (Scottsdale, AZ) KSDL 400
Brown Field Muni (San Diego, CA) KSDM 400
Seattle-Tacoma Intl (Seattle, WA) KSEA 400
Orlando Sanford Intl (Orlando, FL) KSFB 600
San Francisco Intl (San Francisco, CA) KSFO 900
Springfield (Springfield, MO) KSGF 400
Northeast Florida Rgnl (St Augustine, FL) KSGJ 700
Sugar Land Rgnl (Houston, TX) KSGR 400
St George Rgnl (St George, UT) KSGU 400
Shenandoah Valley Rgnl (Staunton/Waynesboro/Harrisonburg, VA) KSHD 400
Sheridan County (Sheridan, WY) KSHR 400
Shreveport Rgnl (Shreveport, LA) KSHV 400
San Jose Int'l (San Jose, CA) KSJC 400
San Angelo Rgnl (San Angelo, TX) KSJT 400
Kelly Field (San Antonio, TX) KSKF 400
Salt Lake City Intl (Salt Lake City, UT) KSLC 700
Mcnary Fld (Salem, OR) KSLE 500
Adirondack Rgnl (Saranac Lake, NY) KSLK 400
Salina Rgnl (Salina, KS) KSLN 400
Sacramento Intl (Sacramento, CA) KSMF 400
Santa Monica Muni (Santa Monica, CA) KSMO 400
Santa Maria Pub (Santa Maria, CA) KSMX 400
John Wayne (Santa Ana, CA) KSNA 400
Moore County (Pinehurst/Southern Pines, NC) KSOP 400
Spartanburg Dntn Mem (Spartanburg, SC) KSPA 400
Abraham Lincoln Capital (Springfield, IL) KSPI 400
Sheppard Afb (Wichita Falls, TX) KSPS 400
Sarasota/Bradenton Intl (Sarasota/Bradenton, FL) KSRQ 600
Mckinnon St Simons Island (Brunswick, GA) KSSI 400
St Cloud Rgnl (St Cloud, MN) KSTC 400
Stevens Point Muni (Stevens Point, WI) KSTE 400
Rosecrans Memorial (St Joseph, MO) KSTJ 400
St Louis Lambert Intl (St Louis, MO) KSTL 600
St Paul Holman Fld (St Paul, MN) KSTP 400
Schulz-Sonoma County (Santa Rosa, CA) KSTS 400
Witham Field (Stuart, FL) KSUA 400
Friedman Memorial (Hailey, ID) KSUN 400
Spirit of St Louis (St Louis, MO) KSUS 400
Cape Fear Rgnl Jetport/Howie Franklin Fld (Oak Island, NC) KSUT 400
Sioux Gateway (Sioux City, IA) KSUX 400
Statesville Rgnl (Statesville, NC) KSVH 400
Stewart Intl (New York, NY) KSWF 400
Syracuse Hancock Intl (Syracuse, NY) KSYR 400
Tuscaloosa Rgnl (Tuscaloosa, AL) KTCL 400
Teterboro (Teterboro, NJ) KTEB 400
Telluride Rgnl (Telluride, CO) KTEX 400
Tinker Afb (Oklahoma City, OK) KTIK 400
McKinney National (Dallas, TX) KTKI 400
Tallahassee Intl (Tallahassee, FL) KTLH 400
Henry Tift Myers (Tifton, GA) KTMA 400
Miami Executive (Miami, FL) KTMB 600
Houston Executive (Houston, TX) KTME 400
Toledo Express (Toledo, OH) KTOL 400
Tampa Intl (Tampa, FL) KTPA 400
Tri-Cities (Bristol/Johnson/Kingsport, TN) KTRI 400
Truckee-Tahoe (Truckee, CA) KTRK 400
Jacqueline Cochran Rgnl (Palm Springs, CA) KTRM 400
Trenton Mercer (Trenton, NJ) KTTN 400
Tulsa Intl (Tulsa, OK) KTUL 500
Tucson Intl (Tucson, AZ) KTUS 500
Cherry Capital (Traverse City, MI) KTVC 400
Thomasville Rgnl (Thomasville, GA) KTVI 400
Lake Tahoe (South Lake Tahoe, CA) KTVL 400
Magic Valley Rgnl (Twin Falls, ID) KTWF 400
Texarkana Rgnl-Webb Field (Texarkana, AR) KTXK 400
Indianapolis Executive (Indianapolis, IN) KTYQ 400
Tyler Pounds Rgnl (Tyler, TX) KTYR 400
Aurora State (Aurora, OR) KUAO 400
Bermuda Dunes (Palm Springs, CA) KUDD 400
Waukesha County (Waukesha, WI) KUES 400
Waukegan National (Chicago/Waukegan, IL) KUGN 400
University Park (State College, PA) KUNV 400
Rock Hill (Rock Hill, SC) KUZA 400
Vandenberg Afb (Lompoc, CA) KVBG 400
So California Logistics (Victorville, CA) KVCV 400
North Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV) KVGT 400
Valdosta Rgnl (Valdosta, GA) KVLD 400
Venice Muni (Venice, FL) KVNC 400
Van Nuys (Van Nuys, CA) KVNY 600
Eglin Afb/Destin-Ft Walton Beach (Valparaiso/Destin-Ft Walton Beach, FL) KVPS 600
Vero Beach Rgnl (Vero Beach Regional Airport, FL) KVRB 400
Westerly State (Westerly, RI) KWST 400
Northwest Arkansas Rgnl (Fayetteville/Springdale/Rogers, AR) KXNA 400
Willow Run (Detroit, MI) KYIP 400
Yakima Air Terminal (Yakima, WA) KYKM 400
Youngstown-Warren Rgnl (Youngstown/Warren, OH) KYNG 400
Alicante (Alicante / Benidorm / Costa Blanca) LEAL 500
Asturias (Aviles / Gijon / Oviedo (Asturias)) LEAS 400
Bilbao (Bilbao / Bilbo, Viscaya) LEBB 700
Barcelona Int'l (Barcelona) LEBL 3000
La Coruna (La Coruna / A Coruna, Galicia) LECO 400
Girona-Costa Brava (Girona, Catalonia) LEGE 400
Granada (Granada) LEGR 400
Ibiza (Ibiza Island / Eivisa) LEIB 400
Barajas Int'l (Madrid) LEMD 3000
Menorca (Menorca,Mahon / Balearic Islands) LEMH 400
Palma de Mallorca (or Son Sant Joan) (Palma de Mallorca) LEPA 2200
Santiago de Compostela (Santiago de Compostela, Galicia) LEST 400
Valencia (Manises, Valenciana) LEVC 1200
Vigo-Peinador (Vigo) LEVX 400
San Pablo (Sevilla) LEZL 1200
Toulouse-Blagnac (Blagnac) LFBO 2300
Muret-l'Herm LFBR 400
Angouleme-Brie-Champniers (Champniers) LFBU 400
Biarritz (Bayonne) LFBZ 400
Metz Nancy Lorraine (Metz) LFJL 400
Figari Sud Corse (Figari) LFKF 400
Chambery Aix (les) LFLB 400
Lyon (Saint Exupery) LFLL 1000
Annecy Meythet (Annecy) LFLP 400
Grenoble Saint-Geoirs (Saint-Etienne-de-Saint-Geoirs) LFLS 400
Valence Chabeuil (Valence) LFLU 400
Lyon Bron (Lyon) LFLY 400
Cannes Mandelieu (Cannes) LFMD 400
Saint (Etienne Boutheon) LFMH 400
Marseille Provence (Marseille) LFML 1900
Nice Cote d'Azur (Nice) LFMN 1800
Le Castellet (Le Castellet) LFMQ 400
Montpellier (Mediterranee) LFMT 800
Avignon Caumont (Avignon) LFMV 400
Beauvais Tille (Beauvais) LFOB 400
Orleans Saint (Denis) LFOZ 400
Paris Le Bourget (Paris) LFPB 1100
Charles de Gaulle/Roissy (Paris) LFPG 3000
Toussus-le-Noble (Toussus-le-Noble) LFPN 600
Paris Orly (Orly (near Paris)) LFPO 2200
Lille Lesquin (Lille) LFQQ 500
Les Ajoncs (La Roche) LFRI 400
Rennes (Saint) LFRN 600
Nantes Atlantique (Nantes) LFRS 400
Saint (Brieuc) LFRT 400
Vannes Meucon (Vannes) LFRV 400
Basle-Mulhouse (EuroAirport (Basel)) LFSB 1400
Strasbourg Entzheim (Strasbourg) LFST 400
La Mole (La Mole) LFTZ 400
Catania-Fontanarossa (Catania) LICC 600
Palermo Int'l (Punta Raisi Falcone-Borsellino) LICJ 400
Malpensa Int'l (Milan) LIMC 3000
Orio al Serio Int'l (Bergamo) LIME 900
Linate (Milan) LIML 600
Bologna (Guglielmo Marconi) (Bologna) LIPE 800
Marco Polo Int'l (Marco Polo Venice) (Venice (Venezia)) LIPZ 700
Ciampino (Giovan Battista Pastine) (Rome) LIRA 700
Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) (Rome) LIRF 3000
Naples Int'l (Capodichino) (Naples) LIRN 700
Amerigo Vespucci (Florence) (Florence (Firenze)) LIRQ 400
Malta Int'l (Luqa) (Luqa) LMML 1100
Innsbruck (Kranebitten) (Innsbruck, Tyrol) LOWI 400
Salzburg (W. A. Mozart) (Salzburg, Salzburg) LOWS 400
Vienna Int'l (Schwechat) (Vienna) LOWW 2700
Pago Pago Intl (Pago Pago, AS) NSTU 400
Dubai Int'l (Dubai) OMDB 3000
Bethel (Bethel, AK) PABE 400
Wiley Post-Will Rogers (Barrow, AK) PABR 400
Merle K (Mudhole) Smith (Cordova, AK) PACV 400
Dillingham (Dillingham, AK) PADL 400
Kodiak (Kodiak, AK) PADQ 400
Unalaska (Unalaska, AK) PADU 400
Kenai Muni (Kenai, AK) PAEN 400
Fairbanks Intl (Fairbanks, AK) PAFA 400
Gustavus (Gustavus, AK) PAGS 400
Homer (Homer, AK) PAHO 400
Juneau Intl (Juneau, AK) PAJN 400
King Salmon (King Salmon, AK) PAKN 400
Ketchikan Intl (Ketchikan, AK) PAKT 400
Merrill Field (Anchorage, AK) PAMR 400
Aniak (Aniak, AK) PANI 400
Nome (Nome, AK) PAOM 400
Ralph Wien Memorial (Kotzebue, AK) PAOT 400
Petersburg (Petersburg, AK) PAPG 400
Sitka Rocky Gutierrez (Sitka, AK) PASI 400
Wrangell (Wrangell, AK) PAWG 400
Benjamin Taisacan Manglona Intl (Rota Island, CQ) PGRO 400
Saipan Intl (Saipan Island, CQ) PGSN 400
Guam Intl (Guam, GU) PGUM 400
Tinian Intl (Tinian Island, CQ) PGWT 400
Kapalua (Lahaina, HI) PHJH 400
Ellison Onizuka Kona Intl At Keahole (Kailua/Kona, HI) PHKO 400
Lihue (Lihue, HI) PHLI 400
Molokai (Kaunakakai, HI) PHMK 400
Daniel K Inouye Intl (Honolulu, HI) PHNL 700
Lanai (Lanai City, HI) PHNY 400
Kahului (Kahului, HI) PHOG 400
Hilo Intl (Hilo, HI) PHTO 400
Cyril E King (Charlotte Amalie, VI) TIST 400
Henry E Rohlsen (Christiansted, VI) TISX 400
Rafael Hernandez (Aguadilla, PR) TJBQ 400
Benjamin Rivera Noriega (Culebra) TJCP 400
Ribas Dominicci (San Juan, PR) TJIG 400
Mercedita (Ponce) TJPS 400
Jose Aponte De La Torre (Ceiba, PR) TJRV 400
Luis Munoz Marin Intl (San Juan, PR) TJSJ 400
Antonio Rivera Rodriguez (Isla De Vieques, PR) TJVQ 400

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